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The client initially approached Biomer seeking an alternative high temperature polymer system for a critical sealing block component used in their packaging operations. The existing product, based upon a cast TPU requiring extensive hand finishing, was both costly to produce and had an unpredictable and short wear time in use. Biomer’s challenge was therefore to improve both component manufacture efficiency and the durability of the product in use.



Biomer’s approach was to design and synthesise a custom HTTPU formulation that matched the existing component durometer in order to limit any machine modifications, that could be processed in an injection moulded form and had significantly better wear capability.



Following extensive testing by the client and external field testing by select customers, the resultant formulation has been successfully integrated into the client’s manufacturing supply chain and now offers a lower cost manufacturing process solution with significantly higher yields and performance benefits made possible by improvements in the polymer’s rebound resilience and compression set characteristics.



Biomer Technology Limited has signed a supply agreement with the client to provide advanced high temperature polymer for use within its packaging systems.