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    High performance thermoplastics

    Engineering thermoplastics uniquely tailored to specific product needs

BTL’s fundamental understanding of the structure/property relationship of polyurethanes coupled to a fully flexible manufacturing facility provides the device manufacturer with the unique ability to ‘tailor’ individual polymers to their product requirements.

ZyTarTM manufacture follows closely controlled proprietary synthetic procedures, developed over many years by BTL’s experienced production team.

A fully flexible manufacturing process allows for batch sizes, appropriate to application, from 10kg–1000kg, suitable for prototype development through to high volume device manufacture.

Our proprietary ZyTarTM (‘A’ series) thermoplastic polyurethanes are suitable for processing by extrusion, injection moulding, insert moulding and blow moulding techniques.

Solution grades are also available in concentrations up to 30% (w/w) in solvent for dip and cast film processing.

All grades are suitable for sterilisation by Ethylene Oxide, E-Beam and Gamma techniques.